Sake & Wine

Huge selections of premium sake and wine

Warm premium sake sold by the Carafe
Tomio Hanaichirin
It is known for its clear, high quality water. Floral aroma and dry, rich flavor
Hana Awaka Ozeki
Soft peach flavor and a true Sake aroma, with a moderate carbonation
Hana Kohaku
Unique original Sake with Japanese plum juice and plum extract added. Sweet refreshing taste. Recommend as a dessert wine
Sho Chiku Bai Gingo
Special reserve connoisseur class of Sake, silky-smooth, rich and fruity flavor
Osakaya Chobei
Rich, fruity aromas and clear delicate taste
Very light aroma of sweet fruit, near medium body with creamy carbonation. Lightly sweet with green melon and citrus
Sho Chiku Bai Nigori
A coarsely-filtered, and sweetest Sake of its kind. Rich and robust flavor with distinctive rice savor. Especially delicious with very spicy foods
White Soju
This is a Korean Sake made in the same style as Japanese Sake
Choya Umeshu
Authentic plum wine from Japan. Served in the traditional style with ume-fruit in glass, Choya is rich and sweet. Pleasing plum taste. A perfect aperitif or after-dinner drink
Choya Dento
Rich plum liqueur from Japan. This liqueur has a rich roasted plum flavor with a hint of sweetness. A perfect aperitif or after-dinner drink
Napoleon Brut Sparkling, California
Crispy refreshing Sparkling, green apple and citrus fruit that are crisp on the finish
Oliveda Cava Brut Sparkling, Spain
Cava is Spain version of Champagne, however they use a grape called Catalonia and it is more of a fun everyday wine
J Cuvee 20 Brut, Sonoma Valley
J vineyards is a Jordan Family wine, it is seductive and elegant, fresh sweet fruit, bold mineral tones with a yeasty component
DeCanal Pinot Grigio, Italy
Reasonably dry white wine, with bright tropical fruit flavors that are crisp and refreshing
Canaletto Pinot Grigio, Italy
Bold with citrus fruits of lemon and lime, crisp and refreshing, offering more flavor than most Pinot Grigio
Ritratti Pinot Grigio, Italy
Aromas of juicy melon and Acacia flowers pour from the glass, while the wine is crisp with hints of minerals, Meyer lemons, yellow plums and a touch of honey, clean and dry of the finish
Adelsheim Pinot Gris, Oregon
A beautiful floral bouquet, with flavors of pears, ripe peaches and wine sap apples, the finish is crisp and spicy
Keith Tulloch Per Deim Pinot Gris, Australia
Full bodied and aromatic with honey, peach, and tropical fruit flavors, followed by a rich, long finish
Penascal Sauvignon Blanc, Spain
A classic old world style Sauvignon Blanc, offering bright citrus tones with a hint of wet flint and a touch of minerals
Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc, California
Pomelo is an Asian fruit that taste like tangerine and grapefruit, it goes well with seafood, spicy dishes and salads
Sileni Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand
Aromas of grapefruit fill the glass, while flavors of tangerine, grap[efruit and orange zest dazzle the palate
Mason Cellars Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley
Aromas and ripe fruit of lemon, grapefruit and guava. The wine is well balanced with great acidy and mineral tones
Oak Vineyard Chardonnay, California
A rich, full flavored, buttery Chardonnay with hints of green apple and pear, the finish is long and dry. Classic California
Mirrabooka Unwooded Chardonnay, Argentina
Ripe tropical fruit flavors fill the glass while the wine offers flavors with crisp citrus tone, no oak and a dry finish
Clara Benegas Chardonnay, Argentina
88% Chard. & 12% Sauvignon Blanc, it is zesty, crisp and refreshing. An ideal wine for those who want sushi and Chardonnay
Morgan Metalico Chardonnay, Monterey California
An extremely flavorful Chardonnay that sees no oak, clean flavors of green apple and ripe pear that is crisp and dry
Trefethen Estate Chardonnay, Napa Valley
Elegant and balanced, it is rich but with bright fruit and just a touch of oak. One of California's best Chardonnays
Urban Riesling, Germany
This wine offers great sweet fruit with a dry crisp finish, it will go great with shellfish or a spicy dish
St. Urbans-hofOcfender Bockstein Kabinett Riesling, Germany
Ripe fruit flavors of peach and honeysuckle, bright on the palate with plenty of acidity for balance
Mill Creek Gewurztraminer, Dry Creek Valley
Don't be fooled by the floral nose and tropical sweep ripe fruit, because this wine is refreshing and dry on the finish
Oak Vineyard White Zinfandel, California
Sweet fruit flavors of fresh strawberries with just a hint of blackberry and raspberry
Posenato Soave Classico, Italy
One of Italy's most classic white wines, known for its crisp, refreshing, dry style. Soave is grown in the Veneto Region where the soil is volcanic rock giving the wine its mineral tones
Lagar de Pinots Albarino, Spain
Willing to try something new, then Albarino is for you. The wine has some similarities to Pinot Grigio, but with a lot more character. The fruit is ripe with tropical tones, crisp and refreshing, perfect with shellfish, salads or spicy fare
Truchard Roussanne, Carneros California
If you like a clean Chardonnay, give this wine a chance, it offers plenty of fruit and finishes dry
Canaletto Pinot Noir, Italy
The cool climate of the Alps helps create this 100% Pinot Noir, true in character with soft elegant fruit
Roux Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Burgundy France
The most aromatic of the Burgundy Pinots, with more mineral tones and fruit of black currant and blackberries
Sileni Pinot Noir, New Zealand
The style of Burgundy yet the wine is extremely complex spicy and rich, fruit is that of currants and dark plum
Pessagno Pinot Noir, Monterey California
The drastic temperature changes of Monterey gives this with it's earthy flavors similar to that of Northern Burgundy
Adelsheim Pinot Noir, Oregon
Aromas of black cherry and plum, flavors of currant and cherry. Soft, luscious fruit with great depth and complexity
Penascal Tempranillo, Spain
Round expressive ripe fruit with well defined flavor, fine tannins and a soft, dry, elegant finish
Roux Beaujolais Village, Beaujolais France
Beaujolais is a fresh, young style wine. It is fruity, light, easy on the palate almost as light as Pinot Noir but with riper fruit
Fontella Chianti, Tuscany Italy
Bold and zesty, yet dry and slightly tart with bright red fruit and nice balanced acidity. Made in the old world style
Rivetto Dolcetto d'Alba, Piedmont Italy
Dolcetto is an Italian grape that is light and soft with just a hint of earthiness, it offers dark fruits that are slightly spicy
Hacienda Merlot, California
An incredible enjoyable wine that is not over completed, ripe cherry fruit with hints of vanilla and soft tannins
Grayson Cellars Merlot, California
An attractive nose dominated by ripe fruits of plum, cherry and blackberry, hint of spicy oak on the finish
Mill Creek Estate Merlot, Dry Creek Valley
Bold like a Cabernet with explosively yet elegant fruit of cherry and blackberry, spicy creamy tannins on the finish
Trefethen Estate Merlot, Napa Valley
Robust berry fruit with hints of black cherry and vinilla, dry plum tones, spicy and toasty oak on the finish
Oak Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, California
Round cherry fruit that is easy to find, slightly dry and soft, a simple but easy drinking Cabernet
Pavilion Crossing Cabernet Sauvignon,California
A full-bodied Cabernet, with sweet cherry fruit, soft tannins and a touch of white pepper
Cartlidge & Browne Cabernet Sauvignon, California
Fruit-forward with black currant and black cherry flavors, cedar tones with hints of tobacco on the finish
Hundred Tree Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia
Graceful fruit that is complex but not too dense, offering great struture, with dark fruits of currant and blackberry, dry on the finish with a touch of white pepper
Truchard Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Carneros California
This Cabernet is soft and elegant with silky rich fruit, slightly complex but not complicated, dry on the finish
Juan Benegas Malbec, Argentina
Dark, earthy fruits, ripe black cherry and plum hit the palate with a touch of an earth white pepper finish
Crush (Mill Creek) Meritage, California
A everyday fun blend of Merlot and Cabernet, round fruits soft tannins easy, dry finish
Mirrabooka Shiraz, Australia
A great little Shiraz, bold and rich, with elegance and finesse, fruit of black cherry and plum, with a dry cedar finish