Sushi Bar Appetizer
All entrees served w. rice & miso soup & garden salad (Lightly battered, gently fried into perfection w. classic tempura sauce)
(Perfectly broiled w. homemade teriyaki sauce)
(Japanese-style deep fried breaded cutlet)
Yaki Udon / Soba / Pad Thai
Wheat..........Buck wheat..........Rice noodle
Japanese-style stir-fried noodle w. vegetables)
Noodle (udon / soba / ramen in soup)
Udon, Soba or Ramen in casserole style
Mt. Fuji Fusion Entree
Served w. rice, miso soup, garden salad & seasonal vegetables
Sushi & Sashimi ($1 extra)
A La Carte
Sushi Entree
Served w. garden salad & miso soup
Roll or Handroll
Brown rice $.50
Signature Roll
Chef recommendation: no other sauces will be necessary since each signature roll comes with it's own unique sauce.
kitchen Appetizer
Rolls From Sushi Bar $8 (lunch)
Choose any two rolls and served w. miso soup
Classic Kitchen Entree (lunch)
Served w. garden salad, miso soup & rice
Woki Kitchen Entree (Lunch)
Served w. green salad, miso soup & rice
Hibachi (Lunch)
These full course meals include mushroom soup or salad, hibachi vegetables and fried rice
Hibachi Dinner
These full course meals include mushroom soup, garden salad, hibachi shrimp sampler, vegetables and fried rice
Hibachi Kid Meals (Age 10 & Under only)
Includes salad, hibachi vegetable and fried rice
Bento Box (Served on Sun.-Thurs.)
Served w. rice, garden salad, miso soup, shumai & fruits
Sake & Wine
Huge selections of premium sake and wine
Fried Rice
Woki Entree (Dinner)
Served w. rice, miso soup & garden salad
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